The Second Awakening Of Adam

There is a second breathe of God that He is going to release but He will not release into the body we have. Our current vessels cannot contain the new breathe but we will contribute to the vessel He is going to create.

Between the first awakening and the second awakening of Adam was a process called the deep sleep. There was no way Adam could get to the next level on his own. Something in Adam’s world had to change and the only thing he could do about it was to allow the Lord to put him to sleep.Without going through the deep sleep he would not be able to awaken to the new place of fruitfulness and multiplication.

God says that many of you have reached this place of feeling like you’re going to sleep or have run out of breath and you don’t know why. God has said that you are not dying. You are not failing. You have reached the place of accomplished obedience but cannot go any further in your current state.

God Is Creating On Your Behalf

God is saying that He sees and recognizes your condition. You cannot go any further because He hasn’t yet created the very thing you need in order to enter your next dimension of calling.

What you need does not exist in your world today. It is something brand new that He is doing on your behalf.

Gen. 2:21-23 (NKJV)

And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rib which the LORD God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man. And Adam said: “This is now bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.”

We Have Reached The Limits Of Our Current State

345’ above seal level – enough to cause the fear of altitude sickness. Just joking of course, but it is the highest point in the state of Florida. A few years back God had me visit this place and something very interesting happened there.

As I am staring at this sign that proclaims “The highest point in the state of Florida,” God spoke to me and said, “You’ve gone as high as you can go in your current state.”

I was literally standing in a place that was the highest natural elevation in the state of Florida. There was no other place I could go within the state of Florida that could take me to a higher level.

I immediately knew what He was saying. In order to go higher my current “state” would have to change. God would have to intervene on my behalf  in order to change my state.

God is intervening on our behalf and creating the new body, vessel, or thing that will hold the new release of His breathe. He himself will breathe life into it and cause it to live. He is blowing on things we may not even be aware of. Something new that he is forming during our sleep period.

Don’t Mistake God’s Sleep As Judgement

Like Adam, we have been faithful in our productivity and activity. Adam named all of the creatures God brought to him and was obedient to all God commanded him. He had done nothing wrong when God put him to sleep.

Many of you are blaming yourself for things you haven’t done. God watches our lives and the mandate He has given us and when we reach that point where it is impossible to go further without His intervention, He intervenes.

Don’t mistake the sleep as judgment. For the sleep is the very thing we need in order for divine surgery to occur. The sleep is caused by God. He chooses when we go to sleep. He chooses what part of us must be given up for new life and He decides when we wake up.

Awakening To The Greatness In Others

We are about to awaken to something we’ve never seen before. But something that is such a part of us that immediately we will recognize, identify, and name it.

We are going to recognize the greatness in those around us and allow God to remove them from our side in order for them to be formed and come to life. Do not fear losing people or their relationship. We can’t go to the next dimensions if we keep them where they are. That which we keep cannot help us. We must allow God to take from us what He needs in order to create what we need.

What part of us is God wanting to give to the next person? Deep sleep is when your heart is at peace and it doesn’t hurt to see those among you come alive.

Maintenance Is Not Multiplication.

Maintenance will eventually lead to death. Staying with the way things are will eventually result in extinction. One man and it’s over. One life and it ends. One faux generation without another to follow.

If we don’t go through this awakening every seed of our future will be left without a womb and the birthing will never come. We will be stuck in a perpetual cycle of managing the offspring of the work of our first awakening. A life with no future of our own creation.

God will not allow His image to die out with one image bearer. In order to preserve what He has created, His image, he will take us down. He will cause a deep sleep. He will raise us up.

A Greater Awakening

Each “going down” is followed by a greater rising. Consider Adam, Joseph, and Jesus, who by going down to a sleep/death, arose to higher and greater levels than ever before. Adam did not give up who he was nor did he lose what he had worked for.

He lay down as one human but woke up as two. Not just another man but a different kind of man – a woman. A true double portion.

When we awaken we will be overwhelmed by what we see. What God has in store for us is nothing short of amazing. So enormous and far reaching that it’s  difficult to comprehend.

So I encourage you to trust the sleep. Trust the Great Surgeon, trust the Creator, and trust the results. And let God awaken you to an entire new world you could not have dreamed of.

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