2016 A Year Of Creative Awakening

As I was preparing for our upcoming SongLaunch 2016 conference at Vision Church at Christian International, I sought the Lord for what He wanted me to share for 2016. Below is what He spoke to me and I am so excited to share it because I believe it’s going to speak to you specifically and […]

6 Key Actions For Building The Worship Team You Want

I’m so thankful for our worship team here at Vision Church @ Christian International. Many on the team have been with me for the 19 years that Lisa and I have lead worship here. They are a multi-generational and diverse group who love the Lord and love to worship. They have made team-building a blessing and for […]

Discovering The Next Dimension Of Worship (Part 2)

Part Two: Understanding The First/Previous Dimension Of Worship

As prophetic people we are assigned with hearing, seeing, and demonstrating what God is doing now, today, and what He is about to do in the future. Right now God is releasing a call for us to answer. A call to discover the next dimension of worship, activated in the anointing of David, the prophet […]

5 Avoidable Experiences That Distract The Congregation During Worship

It’s all about that praise! Worshipers love to worship. They love to experience the presence of God in a corporate setting and not get distracted by things that are avoidable. Being on a worship team and asking the congregation to follow you each week is quite a responsibility. As a team you practice and spend time […]

How To Ease The Pressure Of Responsibility And Release The Fun Of Creativity

We all have responsibilities and we all want to be creative. Wether it’s painting, writing, blogging, or designing, it’s hard to put our minds into being creative when there’s so much to be done. If I have something hard to do and put it off, then even my relaxation is peppered with mental reminders that […]

7 Simple Rules for Singing a Powerful Prophetic Song During Worship

I think we all may have experienced the eternal song of the Lord. What starts out as powerful and purposeful soon becomes draining and painful. The singer, so inspired to start with, goes beyond what is necessary and into the everlasting. Eventually the entire purpose and message in the prophetic song is lost almost completely. The […]

How to Increase Your Influence While Surviving The Three Phases of Dream Fulfillment

The year was 2011 and I was seeking the Lord for my family. The Lord spoke to me that it would be a time of increased influence. The number 11 is special to our family. Lisa and I were married on the 11th of September and years later we adopted two children on September 11th. […]