Finding The Right Mix For Your Prophetic Psalmist Reputation

Apparently it was a known fact in ancient Israel that a psalmist playing music could bring deliverance from tormenting spirits. Saul’s servant suggested finding someone who could do this and listed the job requirements.

“Must be able to play the harp well. As a result of your playing the distressed person will be refreshed and made well.”

On hearing this description another one of Saul’s servants suggested David, the son of Jesse. With so many people to choose from why did the servant recommend David?

What was it about David that the king’s servant would risk his own reputation to endorse another man’s ministry? The answer is in David’s bio as related to King Saul. The servant declared in 1 Samuel 16:18, “I have seen…”

1. A son of Jesse the Bethlehemite.

2. Who is skillful in playing.

3. A mighty man of valor.

4. A man of war.

5. Prudent in speech.

6. A handsome person.

7. The Lord is with him.

That was quite a reputation but only one of the seven attributes had to do with playing music. Though this was the main requirement for this job, what was added to his bio went far beyond any musical anointing. It spoke directly to the character and work habits of David.

I have divided the seven attributes into four areas. They are character, talent, appearance, and anointing. More than any other attribute, character is referred to four times. Son, valor, warrior, prudent. One for every other attribute and one extra for good measure.

Finding The Right Mix For Your Prophetic Psalmist Reputation

To me, finding the right mix could be as simple as this “recipe.”

* 4 parts character.

* 1 part talent.

* 1 part appearance.

* 1 part anointing.

While not a doctrine, it is a great recipe for finding the right mix for your prophetic psalmist reputation. Let’s look at each one.

1. Character is referred to four times in the following ways.

A. A Son. This speaks of right relationship within the family and church you are called to serve. A steward of the things that you will one day inherit or pass on to others. A steward of the area God has given you for now.

B. A Mighty Man of Valor. Trustworthy in all areas. Willing to do what is right in all situations and a reputation for getting the job done.

C. A Man of War. You have been to battle. You have risked much for the sake of the kingdom. Not afraid to risk your life.

D. Prudent In Speech. Not quick to speak but able to perceive and understand matters of importance and represent The Lord and your leaders well.

2. Talent is referred to once by skillful playing. Respect your gift well enough to practice and develop your skill. This will improve your playing and ministry by not distracting people with mistakes. It will also expand your musical abilities by increasing the options of what to play.

3. Appearance is mentioned once by the words a handsome person. This is displayed in the way that you take care of yourself. Your health, your clothes, etc. Not to get carried away here but to appear in such a way as to not distract from your ministry.

4. Anointing can be referred to by the Lord is with him as well as the results of your playing. Mentioned once and meaning when you play, people are ministered to and healed.

Some may ask if talent, appearance and anointing are enough. I would say apparently not because the servant took time to list all seven.

Remember to show up with more than your talent. David arrived to bless Saul with a donkey loaded with bread, wine, and a young goat as a blessing to Saul. (1Sam. 16:20)

Build your prophetic reputation by not only being anointed and prophetic but also by building your character as well. Choose to be remembered like David who was not only the sweet psalmist of Israel (2Sam. 23:1)and a prophet ( Acts 2:30,) he was known by God’s instructions as a man after His own heart. A true son.

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