7 Ways Worship Will Change In The Next Reformation

Within the current church reformation is a reformation of worship. This worship reformation will transition us from The Tabernacle of David to The Tabernacle of God. God is calling forth an army of worshipers who will discover this next dimension of worship. The word dimension refers to the way we measure something. This fundamental change […]

Six Benefits Of Singing New Worship Songs Written From Apostolic and Prophetic Revelation

We know from Ephesians 4:11 that Apostles and Prophets are key offices for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. We also know that according to Colossians 3:16 that songs are a form of teaching. So songs written with Apostolic and Prophetic revelation becomes songs that help to equip the believers. When we […]

Three Ways The Modern Church Measures The Starting Point Of Worship

Mention the word worship today and each person will have their own version or way to think about worship. They will have ideas of what is suppose to happen. For example, when mentioning The Tabernacle of Moses the pattern for worship brings to mind progression. From one place to another. Start at the outer court, on […]

Finding The Right Mix For Your Prophetic Psalmist Reputation

Apparently it was a known fact in ancient Israel that a psalmist playing music could bring deliverance from tormenting spirits. Saul’s servant suggested finding someone who could do this and listed the job requirements. “Must be able to play the harp well. As a result of your playing the distressed person will be refreshed and […]

6 Key Actions For Building The Worship Team You Want

I’m so thankful for our worship team here at Vision Church @ Christian International. Many on the team have been with me for the 19 years that Lisa and I have lead worship here. They are a multi-generational and diverse group who love the Lord and love to worship. They have made team-building a blessing and for […]

Discovering The Next Dimension Of Worship (Part 2)

Part Two: Understanding The First/Previous Dimension Of Worship

As prophetic people we are assigned with hearing, seeing, and demonstrating what God is doing now, today, and what He is about to do in the future. Right now God is releasing a call for us to answer. A call to discover the next dimension of worship, activated in the anointing of David, the prophet […]

5 Avoidable Experiences That Distract The Congregation During Worship

It’s all about that praise! Worshipers love to worship. They love to experience the presence of God in a corporate setting and not get distracted by things that are avoidable. Being on a worship team and asking the congregation to follow you each week is quite a responsibility. As a team you practice and spend time […]

7 Simple Rules for Singing a Powerful Prophetic Song During Worship

I think we all may have experienced the eternal song of the Lord. What starts out as powerful and purposeful soon becomes draining and painful. The singer, so inspired to start with, goes beyond what is necessary and into the everlasting. Eventually the entire purpose and message in the prophetic song is lost almost completely. The […]