Three Choices Creative Worshipers Should Make This Year To Experience Divine Fulfillment

To experience divine fulfillment is to do what God has created us to do and to know He is happy with it. To hear Him say “Well done, good and faithful servant” is a lifelong desire but we shouldn’t have to wait a lifetime to experience His approval. Prov. 16:15 “In the light of the […]

5 Principals Of Great Discovery

On this great journey of discovering the next dimension of worship that God has called us to, He has taken the role of the Great Hider. According to Proverbs 25:2 it is His glory to cover a matter but the glory of kings to uncover the matter. According to Matthew 13:44-45, the kingdom is heaven […]

Getting Over Hump Day

“Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is!” Yes, we all know Wednesday is hump day. That camel will never let us forget it. Wednesday is the high point of the work week and the day that gives enough inspiration to make it through Thursday and get to Friday. Finally. Imagine that. A week […]

How to Increase Your Influence While Surviving The Three Phases of Dream Fulfillment

The year was 2011 and I was seeking the Lord for my family. The Lord spoke to me that it would be a time of increased influence. The number 11 is special to our family. Lisa and I were married on the 11th of September and years later we adopted two children on September 11th. […]

Give Your Hope A Name

Shortly before we adopted our first two foster kids, we were trying to determine the best way to explain the adoption process to them. Our caseworkers mentioned we should tell them that our home would become their forever home. The children were brother and sister but had spent a  lot of time apart from each […]

Four Choices That Keep Your Health From Slowing Down Your Calling

The road to finishing life well is paved with the benefits of healthy eating. The saddest distraction of calling is the suffering from what might have been avoided. There are certain things under our control and things that are not. Whatever is under our control gives to us the result of our choices. I was once […]

2015 Prophetic Word

The Lord has spoken to me in two areas for this year 2015. The first has to do with the broad expectations of the believer and the second has to do with worship and the global church. The Year of Preparation, Promotion, and Propulsion In the first area God has spoken to prepare for promotion […]