7 Ways Worship Will Change In The Next Reformation

Within the current church reformation is a reformation of worship. This worship reformation will transition us from The Tabernacle of David to The Tabernacle of God. God is calling forth an army of worshipers who will discover this next dimension of worship.

The word dimension refers to the way we measure something. This fundamental change is essential to the worship reformation. It’s not simply new songs or new expressions but a completely different way to measure or reference our pattern of worship.

7 Ways Worship Will Change In The Next Reformation

1. From The Tabernacle of David to The Tabernacle of God

Rev. 21:3 proclaims the arrival of The Tabernacle of God. This is on God’s timeline. We have spent the last 50 years following The Tabernacle of David which has lead us to this point of preparing for The Tabernacle of God. Our reference is now shifting from the house of David to the house of God. Which was the original purpose for restoring the The Tabernacle of David – Jesus, Emmanuel.

2. From Building And Rebuilding To Beholding

The instructions for The Tabernacle of Moses (Exodus 31) and The Tabernacle of David (Acts 15:16) were to build and rebuild or restore . The instructions for The Tabernacle of God is simply to behold. There is something so incredibly sovereign about the The Tabernacle of God that we can do nothing less than to behold it. It is so   overwhelmingly powerful and beyond our abilities that we are compelled to behold and receive Him.

Apostle Jane Hamon’s word for 2016 was if we showed up He would show off. There is such a simplistic effort on our part but so profound. We show up to behold Him showing off.

3. From Tabernacle And Tents To A City

The dimensional differences for the Presence between Moses, David and God are quite significant.  Moses’ was a tabernacle. David’s was a tent. But God’s is a city. Both Moses and David dealt with our positions toward God. God’s tabernacle is His position towards us. He is coming here.(Rev. 21.)

4. From Symbolism To Substance.

The veil of moses and sacrifices offered were symbolic of the holy separation and the Lamb of God. The 24-hour worship of David’s Tabernacle was the symbolic pattern of when God’s spirit would be poured out on all flesh. These are just two of many symbols or patterns that pointed to the future promises of God.

Chapter 21 of Revelation  explains that in the The Tabernacle of God there is no need for the temple, light of the moon, or stars because God is there. The Lamb is there. The substance of the symbols is now present. Everything that pointed to God or Jesus was now giving way to God himself and Jesus himself.

5. From Mediator To Facilitator

In this new convent and tabernacle we see the reference that God himself will be with us and be our God. And also that no man shall teach them saying know God for they all shall know him (Heb. 10:8-11.)

In this modern era of prophetic worship and prophetic worship leaders, we sometimes mistakenly become the mediator and stand between the people and God. By this I mean we can sometimes interrupt what God is already doing to explain what God is already doing. We will definitely take a lesser role and allow God himself to do his work. While we do need to explain to the congregation what we believe is happening, we also  need to teach our congregation the expectation of divine intervention. That God himself will minister to them during worship and do a much better job than we can do.

6. From Corporate Participation To Corporate Responsibility

As prophetic people we take on a responsibility to for this next dimension of worship. For some time know we have been able to participate in the wonderful experience of hearing the Voice of The Lord during worship (Zeph.3:17.) Now each believer should worship God with an expectation of revelation and responsibility for this next move and reformation. It simply cannot be left up to someone else. God is calling forth an army of worshipers (Isa40:26) and has given them a responsibility of discovering this next dimension of worship (Proverbs 25:2.)

7. From Longing To Fulfillment

If we are serious about this reformation then it requires the faith of David who worshiped in a new covenant manner before the new covenant existed. Because that new covenant was a part of his promise he looked to the future of the promise of God and worshiped as if it had already happened.

His worship was from a point of fulfillment. His worship was a prophetic act of faith. Our fulfillment must become an act of faith in the midst of our longing. We are looking to the The Tabernacle of God and worshiping as if it has already happened. By faith, we worship as if we had no tears, sorrow, death or pain. As if the City of God is already here.

Jesus is that fulfillment, that longing, that “God with us.” He was the promise of David and He is our promise of God.

The mandate before us is to establish The Tabernacle of God as the next dimension of worship and to behold His Glory, His City, in a limitless way.

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