5 Principals Of Great Discovery

On this great journey of discovering the next dimension of worship that God has called us to, He has taken the role of the Great Hider. According to Proverbs 25:2 it is His glory to cover a matter but the glory of kings to uncover the matter.

According to Matthew 13:44-45, the kingdom is heaven is likened to discovering great treasures and pearls and when we have found these prizes we do everything we can to obtain them.

I believe God has given us a great treasure in Rev. 21:3. The anchor scripture for The Tabernacle of God and the key to discovering the next dimension of worship.

As we begin this journey to study this next dimension, I wanted to share some principals of discovery that will help us along the way.

Remember, this about the glory of God. It is He who has hidden the treasure and hidden it in the field of His Word.

Although God is revealing much about this next dimension of worship these principals apply to anyone who is seeking God for direction, revelation, and great discoveries.

5 Principals of Great Discovery

That Which Is Hidden Is Meant To Be Discovered. Become aware that God is calling us to discover. To uncover and reveal  those things which He has deemed as treasures, pearls, and things worth finding.

Discoveries Are Found By Those Who Are Seeking. A treasure never discovers itself. It is found by someone. Someone who is searching. Someone who is seeking God. Someone who has an expectation of discovery.

The Value Of A Discovery Is Seen Before Obtaining It. The ability to recognize value in a hidden treasure is key to obtaining that treasure. Others may overlook what God is revealing but those who are tuned to the value of revelation will recognize what God has valued.

Obtaining The New Treasure Requires A Full Release Of Old Treasure. Those who found the treasures were quick to assess the value of things they held compared to the value of what God was revealing and then made the decision to go all out. To sell everything they had in order to purchase the field and the pearl. “Selling” our possession gains us the currency to obtain our new treasure.

Obtaining Your Discovery Requires An Investment. The blessings of the treasure can only go to those who are willing to buy it. It is a spiritual and moral principal that we do not steal the treasure in another’s field. We do not take a treasure no matter how valuable without paying a price for it.

Paying the price establishes us as the rightful owners of the treasure we have found. Thereby making us the rightful owners of the blessing of the treasure.

This is the time to go seeking and exploring. To go in search of those great pearls and hidden treasures of the things of God.  Maybe you need to discover where your treasures are hidden so that you can plant your heart there – in the treasures of Heaven (Matt. 6:21.)

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