Understanding the Purpose and Power of Choice

God honors His own word by giving you the power to choose. He honors your godlike image in giving you the freedom to choose the steps of your calling. According to Genesis chapter 1, God created a world for you to live in and the abilities to take responsibility, be fruitful, and multiply in that […]

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Three Things I Know About You

Although I may not know you personally I know about you. I know that God created you in His image, breathed into you, and inspired you to live. I know that His image included the capacity to act, believe, and prosper. But these are not the three things I know about you. I know that He has […]

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Simplifying the Songwriting Process

Most songwriters love to create. We love to take a simple idea or inspiration and bring it to life. Songwriting does take work and that effort is more productive when we understand the songwriting process. After more than 30 years of writing and publishing close to 100 songs, I realized that all my songs went through a […]


19 Things I Learned Growing up “Financially Challenged”

Growing up in a big family has its challenges and the biggest of all is how to provide for everyone. My “lowest point” of childhood was the night that the 14 of us had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by candlelight. The electricity had been turned off and that was all we had to eat. […]

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