Four Choices That Keep Your Health From Slowing Down Your Calling

The road to finishing life well is paved with the benefits of healthy eating. The saddest distraction of calling is the suffering from what might have been avoided. There are certain things under our control and things that are not. Whatever is under our control gives to us the result of our choices. I was once […]

fast and furious

Discovering The Next Dimension of Worship (Part 1)

For several decades now the church has been working hard to establish The Tabernacle of David. We have overcome longstanding traditions of song services and a lack of understanding of psalmic worship to an all out congregational participation in worship, warfare, and intercession. But there is a new discovery about to take place and that […]

Golden City

2015 Prophetic Word

The Lord has spoken to me in two areas for this year 2015. The first has to do with the broad expectations of the believer and the second has to do with worship and the global church. The Year of Preparation, Promotion, and Propulsion In the first area God has spoken to prepare for promotion […]

Rocket Ship Lifting Off